STP Reporting over Christmas

Many businesses close down for a period over the holiday season. Generally this is sometime around December or January. If your business is STP reporting you may need to lodge payroll information before you close.

It’s possible to submit multiple pay runs before you close if one or more pay runs fall during the period you are shut. If you need to make changes to payroll information you have lodged, you need to make them in the next pay run after you re-open.

If you would prefer to report STP when you re-open, you need to apply online for an operational deferral before you close.

How to apply for STP reporting operational deferral

To apply for an operational deferral simply log into the Business Portal and select Manage employees then STP deferrals or exemptions.

Alternatively, you may wish to ask your BAS Agent to lodge on your behalf. If you need help please contact us for more information.

STP Reporting

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