JobKeeper payment scheme changes

The Government has extended the JobKeeper Payment scheme. Changes from the 14th of August 2020 mean:

  • More employees can qualify
    • The eligibility criteria for your employees depends on the JobKeeper fortnight.
    • From 3 August 2020, you may be able to nominate new employees as eligible employees for the JobKeeper scheme. These new employees must have been employed by you on 1 July 2020 and meet the other eligibility criteria. This can include employees that:
      • you employed after 1 March 2020
      • were employed by you on 1 March 2020 but were not eligible employees for fortnights ending on or before 2 August 2020, for example, because they only turned 18 after 1 March 2020.
      • for more information click HERE
  • A payment extension to 31 August
    • For more information see Key Dates click HERE
  • New information in available on Long Term Casual employees
    • You can use the following information to determine if your employee can be considered a long-term casual employee for JobKeeper purposes.
      • If a casual employee was not an eligible employee prior to 3 August 2020, you can use the 1 July 2020 test to reassess that employee’s eligibility. The test requires that the employee be employed on a regular and systematic basis for the period 2 July 2019 to 1 July 2020.
      • For more information click HERE

All sound a little confusing? Need help to work out eligibility, registration and payroll processing? Please contact us to learn about our JobKeeper Assist Service.

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