Coralie has first-hand experience of owning and managing a business through the best of times and the worst of times. She combines this invaluable experience with her belief that your focus on business should be balanced with your focus on life.

As a business owner for over 15 years, Coralie has seen it all. She has a true understanding of the challenges faced on a day to day basis when you are managing a business through a rising tide of industry, environmental, global, economic and/or personal changes. Prior to owning her own business, she worked as an employee gaining insight and knowledge across a number of industries including primary production, not-for-profit, professional services and retail.

Her combined experience has given her a high level of expertise in designing systems that provide real-time, relevant information essential for accurate management accounting and reporting. Above all, Coralie has a genuine passion to understand and respond to the individual needs of clients, and takes into account the importance of the role family plays in our daily lives. As a mother and business woman, Coralie firmly believes the more efficient and productive you are in business, the more balanced your life can be, and it is T3 Partners’ goal to bring efficiencies and productivity to their clients’ business lives.